The mystery of "Big Lar's Canyon"

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The mystery of "Big Lar's Canyon"

Post by Candace_66 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:29 am

Last year, while driving down the Wyman Canyon road from the White Mountains crest, I spotted an intriguing sign. According to the topo map, the sign is at the mouth of Log Canyon. However, the sign reads "Welcome to Big Lar's Canyon."

On the topo below, the little blue WP marks where I parked. From there, I have hiked south and then SW, pretty much to the top of the main canyon. I found a few scattered artifacts (rusty cans, etc.) in the wash. But nothing major, no buildings, etc. However, there are several side canyons I have not visited.

Googling turned up a blog named "Big Lar's Picture Stories." He has travelled widely, but doesn't appear to have visited this area.

There also is/was a bar in Des Moines named "Big Lar's", but I don't think there's a connection. :smile:

Searching the Board on Geographic Names turned up "Lucky Larry Group Prospects" in Inyo County. But the coordinates map to a spot over on the west side of Mazourka Peak.

I know Deep Springs College runs their cattle up into the White Mountains. So I wondered if somehow there's a connection. But I asked someone affiliated with the college to look into this, and he hasn't found any information.

So...does anyone here have any idea who placed this sign, and why? What is the story behind it?



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Re: The mystery of "Big Lar's Canyon"

Post by Kauri » Sat Dec 09, 2017 7:23 pm

Have you asked the staff at the visitors center by the bristlecone grove? Last July I spoke with some folks there about the Silver Canyon Road who had lived in the area for many years, and I would think one of them might know about that sign (sorry, I can't recall any names).
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