Vehicle Electronic Failures

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Post by Rubiblue » Sat Sep 09, 2006 9:24 pm

Another problem with the charging system is when the battery is open, and the regulator senses no battery voltage. The batt is then unable to "filter", and the alt/reg can go full tilt! I've seen voltage spikes as high as 20+ volts! :shock:
At this voltage, some electrical componts fail instantly. Light bulbs become flash bulbs! Electronic bits and pieces you didn't even know you had become the equivilent of silly putty!
If you suspect an open situation, keep the aux batt hooked up.
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Post by Lewis » Wed Sep 13, 2006 9:09 pm

David said;
How many of you have had electronic components, such as computers, sensors, etc. fail on your modern vehicles? Did they render the vehicle immovable? Did you get stuck somewhere you didn't want to be? How did you recover?
One weekend went out to the Mojave Desert, no problems, arrived home Sun. evening.

Monday morning got into the 99 Jeep Cherokee and it cranked, but wouldnt start.

Checked fuses, connectors, etc. Had to have towed to the dealer, turns out the computer had failed, no warning at all. The dealer replaced it for free because I was at 65K miles and the fed gov states that the computer is considered smog equipment and is covered till 70K miles.

Computer cost at the time $1020.00

Also a few years previously had the crankshaft sensor replaced, same issue, would not start.

Batterys; The 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee I had would draw a lot of current from the battery and durring the 5 years I had it I had to replace the battery twice.

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Post by David_Bricker » Wed Sep 13, 2006 9:38 pm

Lewis wrote: ...Computer cost at the time $1020.00....

I guess that is the other thing - even if the computer may fail in the back country, you wants to tie up $1000 for a spare you may never use? It is one thing to have a spare fan belt, hoses, fluids, etc. that may cost 30-50.00 each. Completely different to have a grand tied up.

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