Lee Flat Overlook Road, Nearby Mine

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Lee Flat Overlook Road, Nearby Mine

Post by tcknubs » Fri Dec 14, 2018 10:06 pm

Anyone been to the nearby mines off of Lee Flat Overlook Road in the Nelson Range? Wondering if its worth the side trip...

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Re: Lee Flat Overlook Road, Nearby Mine

Post by Gowergulch42 » Sat Dec 15, 2018 10:26 pm

It depends what you're looking for. The workings aren't impressive, but the minerals and the views are exceptional. The cabins are pretty nice, too. The few mines I've been in up there were rather treacherous, but worth poking one's head in to. Check this one out:

http://dvexplore.blogspot.com/2016/08/t ... -mine.html
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